The singles competitions will start on Tuesday, the 7 th of May, and continue on Wednesday and
Thursday. Friday, May 10 th , and Saturday, May 11 th , are reserved for doubles and mixed doubles.

Gorazd Vecko is the expert authority to give a competent opinion on the development of para sport, especially para table tennis: “Para sports are growing and developing, advancing in all aspects, be it participation, playing or quality. The memories from the exciting Singapore Smash 2024 event, where para players also participated, are still very fresh. The athletes were received by the public with great enthusiasm, also thanks to their amazing points, rallies and games. More and more para athletes also participate in the strongest leagues, including outside of Europe. And one of the trends is to have players gain experience at academies that offer a wholesome development, much broader than what can be done in the scopes of a club or national team,” Vecko says on the quality and development of para sport, resulting in the growth and advancement of international competitions as