Where the Pannonian Plain touches the sun-kissed hills, people have been enjoying the benefits of thermal water for centuries. Natural health resorts and modern spa centres have developed around the springs, where all paths to health and wellbeing have been explored. Unique drinking mineral waters are combined with excellent wines that mature in famous cellars. Friendly farmsteads and villages, historical towns and squares over which loom castles that tell stories of the past and provide inspiration for new experiences can be found in this region.

To further explore the wonders of Slovenia, venture into the nearby destinations around Laško.

Embark on a journey to Celje, the city of counts with its striking castle and the archaeological legacy of the ancient Romans. Continue your exploration to Dobrna, where you’ll find Slovenia’s oldest operational thermal spa. From there, extend your travels to Velenje – Topolšica, home to a fascinating mining museum. Alternatively, visit Podčetrtek to uncover the Minorite monastery, indulge in delightful chocolate creations, and luxuriate in additional thermal indulgence at Terme Olimia.

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