Privacy Policy

The owner of the Slovenia Open 2019 PTT Tournament application (hereinafter ‘Slovenia Open PTT Tournament app’) is Sports Association for the Disabled of Slovenia – Paralympic Committee of Slovenia, seated at Cesta 24. Junija 23, SI 1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče (hereinafter ‘NPC Slovenia’). NPC Slovenia strives to provide accurate and up-to-date information for publishing in the Slovenia Open PTT Tournament app.

The data, provided in the app, is given for information purposes only and carries no legal consequences, except where explicitly stated.

Neither NPC Slovenia nor any other legal entity or natural person, involved with the creation of the Slovenia Open PTT Tournament app, in no way and under no circumstances assumes any responsibility towards a third person or entity for any damages, resulting from the existence, access to, use or being unable to use the Slovenia Open PTT Tournament app, nor for any mistakes or gaps in its content.

NPC Slovenia also assumes no responsibility for the form or content of data, acquired through links to pages that are not owned by NPC Slovenia, nor is NPC Slovenia responsible for possible breaks of privacy in the Slovenia Open PTT Tournament app.

NPC Slovenia reserves the right to change the contents in the Slovenia Open PTT Tournament app at any time, in any way and for any reason without previous notice. NPC Slovenia assumes no responsibility for such changes.

Under the Slovenian Copyright and Related Rights Act, NPC Slovenia is the copyright owner of copyright contents in the broadest sense (graphic elements, photographs, drawings and other presentations of texts), published in the Slovenia Open PTT Tournament app. Therefore, any reproduction, copying, citing or distribution for commercial use without written consent by NPC Slovenia is strictly forbidden.

Under the Copyright and Related Rights Act and based on the public information rights, the use and reproduction of copyright contents is exceptionally permitted for educational use and presentations, confrontations and referrals in the form of quotation, whereby it is mandatory to cite the source and copyright owner. The use and reproduction of copyright contents are also permitted in limited numbers for personal, non-commercial uses.

NPC Slovenia is well aware of the human right to privacy as well as of the responsibility of a company as a caretaker of personal data filing systems, which is why we pay extreme attention to the protection of personal data, their use in accordance with regulations and principles of good practice as well as to informing our customers. All information on data processing and protection at NPC Slovenia is available under ‘Privacy Policies’.