We are only a few days away from the 16th Slovenia Open Thermana Laško para table tennis tournament and table tennis was also the topic of the Paralympic Day taking place in the nearby Štore primary school. Sports Association for the Disabled of Slovenia – NPC Slovenia, the Invalid sporting society for the disabled and the Sonček Association organized the event together and it was attended by more than 100 school children.

The programme started with the life story of the Slovenian para volleyball player Senta Jeler, and the team continued to introduce the attending school children to the Paralympic Movement and parasport, concluding with a table tennis match featuring the Slovenian para table tennis player Luka Trtnik and his coach David Orešnik, who both also invited the youth to come visit the tournament in Laško.

The Paralympic Day is NPC Slovenia’s traditional activity. “Our programme for every school includes introduction to parasports, trying out a parasport in the gymnasium and life stories of disabled athletes. We conclude the presentation in a gymnasium or outside, where we show one of the parasports in its competition form to the group,” said Jana Čander from NPC Slovenia.